multitouch input handling help required

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Thanks Peter for the reply. I tried converting XI events to button events and send but it didn't help. True no way. Seems need to switch to some other compositor which supports multitouch.


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Subject: Re: multitouch input handling help required

On Tue, Jan 27, 2015 at 07:11:18PM +0530, Vikas Patil wrote:
> Hi,
> I am running GENIVI Layermanager (i.e. window manager and compositor based
> on GLES2.0 and X11) which doesn't support multi-touch event (i.e.
> Xi_TouchBegin, XI_TouchUpdate, XI_TouchEnd) handling and I have a
> requirement to support X11 based application with multi-touch (i.e. pinch
> and zoom use case with navigation) on top of compositor.
> Layermanager X11 code:
> I tried to add the support for Xinput 2 in layermanager but as there is no
> way to send the XI events using XSendEvents, I am currently looking for
> alternative way (or some hack) to make it work.
> Could you please give your inputs, suggestion or ideas? Is this possible
> (i.e bypassing someway the compositor for particular application for input
> handling or modifying compositor or app for this purpose, but compositor
> must be running)?
> If you know some mailing list where I can discuss this, could you please
> suggest?

sorry, there is no equivalent to XSendEvents for XI2 events, and no other
way to send XI2 touch events to a different client.


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