xorg, startx and chroot

Agustín Dixan Díaz Corrales agustin.dixan at esilt.azcuba.cu
Sat Jan 31 06:22:02 PST 2015

hi there, i have a few day try to startup an x chrooted enviroment with 
half results...y use xnet and xephyr in first option to run a X server 
inside another X server,but only determinate aplications start correctly 
(gedit, termional, esasy stuff ike there)..but, for example i want to 
start gdm3 to login into a mate session but does not work...y declare 
diferents tty (/etc/gdm3/daemons.conf FirstVT = 9) and does not work 
else..finally i stop X and gdm3 local server and startx from chrooted 
enviroment and start it!!! but mouse and keyboard does not work!..y 
mount --bind /dev and into chrooted /sys /proc and /dev/pts like wiki 
debian recomment...i track daemons into /etc/init.d to start keyboard 
and mouse service but i finish there with white eyes and freeze hands...
- /dev binding does not handle mouse and keyboard into chrooted 
- Any service in chrooted (/etc/init.d) managed that?????
- Eventually someting is wrong or fails or miss...

regards and thanks!!..sorry my bad english!

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