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Peter Harris pharris at
Mon Jul 6 08:50:43 PDT 2015

On 2015-07-04 06:46, Cosmin Apreutesei wrote:
> Does X have the notion of non-clipped child windows? The behavior in
> WIndows and OSX for these is:
> 1) the parent always stays behind its children
> 2) the children are closed automatically when the parent is closed
> 3) the children follow the parent when moving
> If the answer is no, then I can emulate 2 and 3 but how about 1?

1) is usually implied by the WM_TRANSIENT_FOR property, although it can
vary depending on window manager.

2) WM_TRANSIENT_FOR will minimize transient windows when their parent is
minimized. I don't think the spec says anything about closing.

3) you will probably have to emulate 3.

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