missing pieces for a SDL-like library

Cosmin Apreutesei cosmin.apreutesei at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 07:28:59 PDT 2015


I'm making a SDL-like library and I'm trying to find a common feature set
across Windows, OSX and Linux, and I'm missing a few pieces on the X
backend that are already available on the WinAPI and Cocoa backends. None
of these are show-stoppers by any means, but I would like know at least if
they are possible or not:

- Can I set a transient window to be movable and resizable but not
activable? This allows toolboxes that can be clicked inside without the
main window having to lose focus.

- Is there such thing as a "toolbox" frame? i.e. a window with a slimmer
title bar? I checked gimp but it seems like it uses normal transient
windows for its toolboxes.

- Can I intervene programatically while moving and resizing windows? Eg. I
want to implement magnetic windows a la winamp.

- Can I have a window with alpha that I can click-through the 100%
transparent portions of the window? I'm looking for a general solution not
based on the shapes extension.


[PS: Thanks Peter and Thomas for the help on non-clipped child windows -
WM_TRANSIENT_FOR was what I was looking for]
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