Dumping root background (possible enhancement to xwd)

John Lane john at lane.uk.net
Wed Jul 15 08:49:55 PDT 2015


I haven't posted here before but I am a long-time user. I hope this is
the right place for my question.

I had a need to get a copy of the root background (the "desktop
wallpaper") as it currently looks: not the original image that may have
been tiled/centered/stretched but how it actually looks on screen (or
screens!) right now.

I couldn't find anything to do it - I had hoped perhaps that "xwd" would
be able to.

Is there something else that can do that?

If not, I wondered if there would be interest in taking a patch to make
xwd do it because I've a added "-bg" option to "xwd" myself.

My patch allows one to do this:

    $ xwd -root -bg | convert - bg.png

Here is an example: http://imgur.com/NeVv5wa. It also works with
individual windows with or without frames.

I'm just enquiring in case I missed a tool and to see if it's worth
submitting a patch.

Thank you for your time.

John Lane

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