How to change mouse cursor to standard hand cursor

Cosmin Apreutesei cosmin.apreutesei at
Fri Jul 17 04:29:13 PDT 2015

> The typical approach is to have a list of known properties each particular
> desktop manager, and check if it's set.

Alright, thanks Sam, i'll list the properties of the root window and
see what I can pick from there.

[This is a nightmare. Maybe I should abandon XCB and switch to GTK or
Qt, but how do people deploy apps (in binary form) with these toolkits
on Linux? Do they ship these 50MB monsters with their apps? Or do they
dump the problem on the user? Or do they link them statically for less
bloat? But then do they have to provide a downloadable/buildable
source-kit for LGPL compliance? Sorry if these questions are too
general for this list (is there a better list? I need a

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