How to change mouse cursor to standard hand cursor

Cosmin Apreutesei cosmin.apreutesei at
Fri Jul 17 08:04:16 PDT 2015

> First of all *you* do not deploy apps with toolkits, but dynamically link
> those libraries so it will use the version provided by the distro.

Um, the Qt/X11 deployment page specifically recommends statically
linking of Qt and even libstdc++[1]. As an app dev I tend to agree:
running a different version of a complex pile of C++ than the one you
tested against... what could possibly go wrong? :)

> Linux doesn't do the windows dll hell.

[probably the wrong list for this, but since you brought it up, it's
way harder to make backwards-compatible binaries on Linux than on
Windows and OSX, which is why most app authors dump that on users
and/or distros and just provide source tarballs. I'm referring
specifically to the need to build on the oldest Linux that you can
find that can run the newest gcc, to avoid glibc symbol versioning
hell (eg. google memcpy at GLIBC_2.14 to see the drama)].

> Secondly:

Thanks. Where did you get the names (especially the weird hashes)? I
mean, what does that cover? Qt, GTK?


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