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Mon Mar 2 17:00:10 PST 2015


                            Patch #315 - 2015/03/02

     * change  default  for  --enable-narrowproto  for  Cygwin  to "no" to
       better   match   contemporary   configurations   (report   by  Jens
       Schweikhardt, prompted by discussion).
     * provide  OSC 106 as an alternative to OSC 6, avoiding conflict with
       one  of's  undocumented  escape  sequences (report by
       Egmont Koblinger).
     * fix  an  off-by-one  in  comparison  when  autowrap  and left/right
       margins are combined (report by George Nachman).
     * modify  DECBI  and  DECFI  to  work outside the left/right margins,
       since   the   vague  VT520  reference  manual  could  support  that
       interpretation (suggested by George Nachman).
     * correct response for DECSCUSR in DECRQSS (report/analysis by George
     * add  DECSLRM  to  list  for DECRQSS in (report by George
     * improve  limit-checks  versus  assert's  in  the  debugging version
       (reports by George Nachman).
     * correct  a  problem  with  multiple writes to the right-margin when
       autowrap  is turned off (report by George Nachman, also reported in
       Gnome #744819 by Ulf Magnusson).
     * modify  DCH  to  honor top/bottom and left/right margins (report by
       George Nachman).
     * correct  off-by-one  in  comparison  so  that  DL honors left/right
       margins (report by George Nachman).
     * correct  logic  of  DECSCL,  which  always  set 8-bit controls as a
       side-effect (report by George Nachman).
     * correct  loop limit for DECSED 1, when DECSCA is enabled (report by
       George Nachman).
     * fix  a  entry in csi_table for "$", needed for CSI [ $ z (report by
       George Nachman).
     * remove  restriction  from  patch #279 changes on DECIC and DECDC to
       left-right mode (report by George Nachman).
     * correct PID value returned in response to DECRQCRA (report/analysis
       by George Nachman).
     * fix  an  ifdef'ing  problem, where --disable-dec-locator would turn
       off logic needed for DECIC and DECDC (report by George Nachman).
     * correct  order  of  parameters in report for CSI 1 9 t, which gives
       the screensize in characters (report by George Nachman).
     * add  null  pointer  checks  for  a case in DECCRA where part of the
       target  rectangle  lies outside the screen limits (report by George
     * remove  extra  "6" for selective erase from DA1 response (report by
       George Nachman).
     * support Xinerama screen specification in geometry parsing (patch by
       Nicolas George).
     * add  configure option --enable-initial-erase to set ptyInitialErase
       consistently  with manpage, as well as adding a table in manpage to
       clarify  the  relationship  between  the  resources  related to the
       backarrow key (Debian #775952).
     * add  configure  --enable-builtin-xpms  to simplify compiling-in the
       icons introduced in patch #284 (prompted by discussion with William
     * fix/improve autoconf macros:
          + CF_WITH_APP_DEFAULTS, add paths for OSX
          + CF_WITH_MAN2HTML,  configure option "--with-man2html" provides
            "man2html" as alternative to groff's man/html conversion
     * fix some minor issues in manpage (Jens Schweikhardt).

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