Support for pointing stick scrolling on 2button hardware

Ailin Nemui ailin.nemui at
Tue Mar 3 02:19:58 PST 2015

Hi, I made this patch, maybe it will be useful to other users with this
problem. It will enable you to use the pointing stick for scrolling by
holding down the emulated middle button on 2-button hardware, similar to
old Thinkpads which do have a real middle button.

I found a little bit similar issue mentioned on the blog [1] but the
workaround proposed therein is not very good. I have now seen several
laptops with pointing sticks and only two buttons, which make it very
frustrating to use for scrolling and middle-button pasting due to this
evdev design issue.

This modification is not quite as horrible as the change now in
widespread use to get the newer Thinkpads without buttons back into
usable shape [2]

Take care,


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