Dual head, display driven by mga driver has "X" cursor and is unusable

Felix Miata mrmazda at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 6 11:28:24 PST 2015

Chris Fisichella composed on 2015-03-06 18:39 (UTC):

> Thank you for reading my posts and providing some useful advice. I did  
> not realize there was a line drawn between onboard video and a  
> separate card. On that same machine, I have Windows XP, and it handled  
> the second display fine, so I thought I could also do it with Linux.

> I have a PCI Matrox video card and a PCI ATI card. If I fill both PCI  
> slots with them, do you think I could get two displays that way? I  
> would just not use the onboard video connector.

I would expect so. Lots of people use more than two displays. I don't know
that any single addin cards exist with more than two ports where one is not
composite or SVHS, so most must be using more than one addin card. I wouldn't
expect all using more than two to be using motherboards with more than one
PCIe slot designed for video cards.

Do note that ATI is supported by KMS drivers (as are Intel and NVidia), while
MGA is not. Combining ATI with MGA could produce a compounding problem.

Also, there might be some BIOS setting you can change to enable simultanous
use of your onboard video with an addin card. Check your motherboard
specifications to find out.
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