ANN: xterm-316

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Sat Mar 7 17:18:35 PST 2015


                            Patch #316 - 2015/03/07

     * revert  change  to make DCH honor top/bottom scrolling margins. For
       the  record, both the VT420 and VT520 reference manuals incorrectly
       state that "DCH has no effect outside the scrolling margins."
     * fix  regression  in DCH introduced in adjustment for limit-check in
       patch  #315  (report/testcase  by  Zoltan  Keri,  also  reported by
       Christian Weisgerber).
     * correct  default value for configure option --enable-initial-erase;
       it  should  be  "False",  but  in  patch #315 it was "Maybe", which
       differed from default set in patch #192.

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