Making xset stick on a secondary X session

Tony Mobily merc at
Tue Oct 13 07:23:13 PDT 2015


I am running a second X server (:1) and then run the vnc client (tigervnc)
over it in -fullscreen. I am having huge problems increasing the keyboard
repeat rate and reducing the keyboard delay for that X server.

To see what I mean, simply run another X server:

sudo X :1 &

The blank, empty X server will be there

Then go back to the "main" xserver, and run:

export DISPLAY=:1

At this point, the repeat is average and the delay is long--ish (the
default). Now run within that xterm:

xset r rate 150 50

The keyboard repeat rate and delay are adjusted. Great! CTRL-D and exit
that term. Go back to the "main" X session, and type again:


The new repeat/delay settings are gone (?!?!?!), keyboard is slow/delay is
long-ish again!

Running xset r rate 150 50 from the "main" X server. even with DISPLAY=:1,
 still won't change the keyboard rate for the second :1 server.

This is a bugger, since I need to decide the repeat rate and the delay for
that second X server ':1', since I will run the xvnc client in -fullscreen
mode -- and I can't find a way of setting that X server :1 so that the
repeat/delay are what I need them to be.


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