\0/ Finally!!

Christopher Barry christopher.barry at earborg.com
Sun Oct 18 09:19:18 PDT 2015

Hey, it works!! Thanks to all of you that helped me. I really
appreciate it!

I'm doing a lot of work in blender, and I *really* needed a faster
video card. I got the R9 380 for a decent price, and now I have hardware
acceleration working again!

Thought I'd share some stuff about what made it all work here:

The box:
cpu: i7 960 (circa '09, but still very good)
mem: 24GB DDR3
gpu: AMD R9 380
monitor: HP LP2465 (3 monitors, 2-DVI, 1-DP w/ active DP-to-DVI dongle)
OS: Debian sid
kernel: 4.0.0-2-amd64

lines in --modfile file I set params to:




Many are on by default, but these worked for me...

I had compiled my llvm 3.8.0 from git and put it in /opt, but the
packaged version would probably work fine too.

glxinfo -t dump

Thanks again,
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