Touchscreen ABS_X, ABS_Y events ignored by Xorg evdev driver in Ubuntu?

Teemu Rinta-aho teemu at
Mon Oct 26 00:11:40 PDT 2015

Hi all,

I am trying to get a touch screen (GMK) working with Xorg 1.15.1
running on Ubuntu 14.04.

I can get the display work as a touch pad using Xorg mouse driver with 
/dev/input/mouse0, but when I try to use the 'evdev' driver and 
/dev/input/event*, I can only get the button pressed and released events 
to X, i.e. the pointer is not moving anywhere.

I can run evtest to see that there are ABS_X and ABS_Y events coming 
from the device with correct coordinates, but somehow these are not used 
by Xorg. I think I have tried all possible evdev options in Xorg configs.

I would appreciate any insights on how to debug this further, or better
yet, a solution to fix the problem. I can provide more information if 
needed. Thanks.

Here are some screenshots from the system giving some information:

evtest output:

mtdev-test output:

xinput list:

xinput props:

xinput test:


Teemu Rinta-aho

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