Touchscreen ABS_X, ABS_Y events ignored by Xorg evdev driver in Ubuntu?

Teemu Rinta-aho teemu at
Tue Oct 27 00:01:59 PDT 2015

Hi Peter,

thanks for your time.

>> Here are some screenshots from the system giving some information:
> fwiw, text attachments would be a lot easier ;)

Sure, but sometimes pictures get more attention and look
more real :-P

> not quite enough information to gather from this though, I'd say check with
> a vanilla upstream version of the driver to make sure it's not a
> ubuntu-specific patch that interferes. If it doesn't work with upstream
> either, please file a bug and attach the evemu-record output (as text file).

I will do that. Didn't know about evemu-record, thanks.


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