xorg Digest, Vol 122, Issue 5

David davidlm613 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 20 19:26:55 PDT 2015

I tried 'sudo agetty --no clear tty2 Linux &' it gave the out put '[1]
2359' tried ctrl-alt-f2 and it just gave a blank screen.  Ctrl-alt-f8
returned to previous display, not sure what that command is doing but it
doesn't do anything unless I press one of the other f keys and get blank
screen.  I don't think I've ever messed with something so much and had no
clue what it does as I have with x org.  Also log out doesn't give any
option for non GUI, just 'last session' 'x client script' which logs into
GUI 'cinnamon' and'cinnamon software rendering'
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