X11 touch the value of the shivers.

κΆŒνƒœμ˜ xoduddk123 at naver.com
Tue Apr 12 02:28:48 UTC 2016

Good morning.

I have a problem in using the X11.

I am used to cross-compile all the X11-related packages .

I use the touch screen. 
But it touches the touch-screen cursor is unstable.
But they tried to try to adjust the settings have not found the relevant settings.

Below is a video of my symptoms . ( I posted directly to YouTube. ) 
Below is the package version and configuration files that I use. 
xorg-server : xorg-server-1.17.3
x-input-driver : xf86-input-evdev-2.10.0
Below are the details of my settings.(/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/99-calibration.conf)
Section "InputClass"
        Identifier      "calibration"
        MatchProduct    "my Touchscreen"
        Option  "Calibration"   "166 3939 186 3814"
        Option  "SwapAxes"      "1"
        Option  "InvertX"   "on"
        Option  "InvertY"   "on"
I looked up the relevant article in the stackoverflow question. (http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/275867/x11-touch-the-value-of-the-shivers-is-there-any-way)

What can I do to solve this phenomenon?

The inexperienced English 'm sorry :) 
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