No video after resume from suspend

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I have a CPU motherboard, a SuperMicro X11SSV-Q with an i7-6700 processor. 
This is a skylake based system using the Q170 chipset. I am using the 
onboard video. I am running vanilla Centos 7 (1511).
When I put the system to sleep, after resuming from sleep, the system 
comes alive (I can rlogin fine), but there is no video signal, as reported 
by the monitor and a blank display. No amount of pressing keys or moving 
the mouse have any effect.
If I then hibernate the system (from the rlogin window), and then resume 
from that, I have video right where it should be.
Is there something I can send or do to wake the video up, at least to try 
and understand what is not resuming properly?


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