Multiplexing general windows similar to terminator

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It's been a while now, and deciding was hard (basically had other stuff on my mind lately), but I think I'll have some red pills. Probably will need more than one so they can act fast.If you could recommend some good documentation, it would be great! I will most likely not be able to start doing this for a couple more weeks, but having some starting point will provide some peace of mind.
Darius Mihai

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> Hi,
> I was thinking about creating a module that allows users to unite graphical
> windows in one window, similar to terminator. The end result should look be
> similar to how Microsoft Visual Studio manages its windows (e.g. Solution
> Explorer, Output, Code, etc.). I am not sure whether anything similar already
> exists (I've been searching on Google, but I've found only terminal
> multiplexers), and if the implementation should be an X-server module.Any
> feedback and help would be greatly appreciated (especially a starting point
> for the implementation). Darius Mihai

read up on building a window manager. :)

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rabbit hole goes.

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