Gamma value unexpected reset.

Luca Della Ghezza luca_dgh at
Wed Jan 27 20:10:36 PST 2016

Hi to all.
I'm using Gnome FlashBack on Ubuntu 14.04, I have a video card nVidia GE 
Force 210.
Using nvidia-settings I found a good gamma set for my screen, but every 
time I reboot the gamma is reseted to another value that made the screen 
extremely clear.
I made a script that recall the stored nvidia settings (/nvidia-settings 
-l/) and I putted that in the startup applications list and the problem 
was fixed.
But now I have 2 users and each time I _*switch*_ (not login, switch) 
between users I get again the problem: the screen is extremely clear.
Actually this happens also in some random moments, I see that could be 
when I change the focused window with the mouse pointer, but it's not so 
I got a small walkaround by defining a key (CTRL+F1) that restore the 
nvidia settings, but is not very useful that.
So, my questions:
1) is there a conf file, somewhere, that has inside a "default" gamma 
value? Could I can change it?
2) if not, where I can put my script that restore the nvidia settings 
each time I switch the user? (obviously "startup applications" is not 
invoked in a switch, only when I log in an account)

I hope you can understand my poor english and I thanks a lot for any 
kind of help you can give to me.



*Luca Della Ghezza*
/luca_dgh at

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