ANN: xterm-323

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Tue Mar 8 02:00:09 UTC 2016


                            Patch #323 - 2016/03/07

     * updated  appdata  and  desktop  files  to  add  keywords (report by
       Richard Hughes).
     * modify   configure  macro  CF_POSIX_C_SOURCE  to  accommodate  some
       systems,  e.g.,  FreeBSD, which have separated their implementation
       specific  preprocessor  symbols from the POSIX ones, requiring both
       to be defined (report by Juha Nurmela).
     * change  the  directory  to  the  current  working  dir of the child
       process  in  exec-formatted  and  exec-selectable actions (patch by
       Alexander Pohoyda).
     * correct typo in (patch by Larry Hynes).
     * correct typo in (report by Shriramana Sharma).
     * add  feature  to  support XHTML and SVG screen dumps (patch by Jens
     * correct  response  to  DECRQSS  when  terminal  id is less than 400
       (patch by Iwamoto Kouichi).

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