[PATCH] Little fixes for your recent RandR 1.5 additions

Michael Stapelberg michael at stapelberg.ch
Sat Nov 26 09:36:38 UTC 2016

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I never received a reply to this. Were my changes incorrect?

I noticed two more oddities which I could not make sense of while
implementing support for RandR 1.5:
• RRGetMonitors has 6*n+o in its “reply length” member, but later on states
(n*24 + o*4) in the “monitors” member. Which of the two is it?
• MONITORINFO is described as having length (16 + 4*n), but counting the
members I arrive at (24 + 4*n).

On Sun, Jul 26, 2015 at 6:10 PM, Michael Stapelberg <michael at stapelberg.ch>

> Hey Keith,
> while trying to implement RandR 1.5 in xcb-proto, I’ve stumbled over a
> couple little inconsistencies with randrproto.txt. Find attached a patch
> which, hopefully, makes things clearer.
> I’m sending this directly to you since you’re the person with the most
> insight on your own intentions, so you’re the best reviewer for the patch,
> I think.
> --
> Best regards,
> Michael

Best regards,
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