Question about X on the arm's.

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On Mon, 28 Nov 2016 23:40:45 -0800 Alan Coopersmith
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> On 11/28/16 07:58 PM, Antoine Martin wrote:
> > Even 100mbit is perfectly usable for remote access provided you use the
> > right tools and make some sacrifices. FYI: 4K at 60 "fits" in H264 ~60Mbps.
> > But again, as I said above, just don't expect to handle fullscreen video
> > on arm where *we* don't support hardware H264 decoding. (though other
> > tools might)
> But we're talking the X11 protocol, not H264.  X11 doesn't compress video
> at all - you need an external proxy to do that, and since LBX support was
> dropped from the X server years ago, that leaves ssh X forwarding with
> compression, or picking an alternate protocol such as VNC or RDP.

or raw good old x11 protocol without ssh fwding. my numbers above aren't for
video encoding but for transfer of pixel data (xputimage) which is pretty
common in how apps work these days unless it's opengl that they use.

you'd need ridiculous bandwidth just to SCROLL a fullscreen image around eg in
gimp or to zoom it in and out. you'll be getting like a few fps on a good day

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