Question about X on the arm's.

Antoine Martin antoine at
Tue Nov 29 18:48:07 UTC 2016

On 29/11/16 18:52, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Tuesday 29 November 2016 04:18:09 Antoine Martin wrote:
>>>>>> If you exclude the 4k fullscreen video use case - which is a
>>>>>> worst case scenario for remote display (there are tricks to deal
>>>>>> with that too if you are willing to make sacrifices), then screen
>>>>>> updates are actually much more manageable, even on a 1Gbps shared
>>>>>> link.
>>>>> nope. not really. do the math. buy a few arm dev boards. :) find
>>>>> out that you won't get 1gigabit. even 100mbit is pushing things.
>>>> Even 100mbit is perfectly usable for remote access provided you use
>>>> the right tools and make some sacrifices. FYI: 4K at 60 "fits" in H264
>>>> ~60Mbps. But again, as I said above, just don't expect to handle
>>>> fullscreen video on arm where *we* don't support hardware H264
>>>> decoding. (though other tools might)
>>> but we're not talking video streams. we're talking x11.
>> I believe the OP's requirement is to run an X11 application on one
>> system and display it on the arm system, at a better framerate than is
>> being offered currently by X11-over-ssh.
> Slight correction, the application that is generating the image data, is 
> running on the pi 3b, the system doing the viewing and control, is to 
> run on the odroid-c2, which does have the gfx horsepower and memory to 
> do it.
Oh, OK. Then you may want to look into VirtualGL.


> It also has 4 gpu's, which are so new that linux & X does not use them 
> ANAICT. But I'd assume its the future for these arm based SBC's.

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