Huge mouse-click delay

martin f krafft madduck at
Tue Sep 20 08:34:18 UTC 2016


for a few days now, I'm experiencing (sometimes multi-second!)
delays between mouse click and reaction on my laptop. It's running: 7.7+16 (Debian sid)
  Intel graphics driver 2:2.99.917+git20160706
  evdev 2.10.2

I've already rebooted, but the problem stayed. I am a bit at a loss
getting to the root of this. xev reports the events ASAP, so the
delay is at a later stage.

Do you have any tips on what I could try to zone in on this problem?
It's really quite annoying to have to wait 1–2 seconds between
pressing down the mouse and seeing a result dragging it e.g. to
select text.


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