Huge mouse-click delay

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Wed Sep 21 11:07:58 UTC 2016

also sprach Peter Hutterer <peter.hutterer at> [2016-09-21 08:49 +0200]:
> * run evemu-record on the mouse and check if you see the button events show
>   up while they're delayed in X. if they work as expected, then it's not a
>   kernel/hw issue.
> * run xev and see if that gets the events as expected. If so, then the issue
>   is in the toolkit (but judging from the rest that's not the case anyway).

In both cases, the event is registered by the tools immediately.

> any server updates recently? can you downgrade?

There was an update about 3 days ago, but of course I can't tell you
exactky whether that's when the problems started. The update before
that was a week old and I am fairly sure the problems aren't that
old. received only a Debian revision, it seems, but there were tons
of other updates, cf. apt.log:

Sure, I can downgrade anything, but I it's probably pay off to know
what I should be downgrading.

Any clues?

The more I am fiddling with this, the more I am suspecting the
Awesome window manager to be at fault. At least my switch to Git
master could well coincide with the start of these problems.
Moreover, if I kill awesome, then the mouse behaves just fine. If
I then restart awesome, the delay quickly grows in length.

I'll start investigating this lead. Thank you everyone for your
patience and input.

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