Inability to get system rescue graphical environment to boot on new Dell Inspiron laptop

Felix Miata mrmazda at
Wed Sep 28 01:52:01 UTC 2016

Ken Burgett composed on 2016-09-27 14:59 (UTC-0700):

> I just purchased a Dell Inspiron 17" hdmi laptop, 64 bit, running Windows

Which Inspiron model? Could it be it's too new for 1.17.4's Intel driver.

> 10.  I wish to configure the system as a dual boot, with Ubuntu 16.04
> alongside Win 10.  I downloaded the System Rescue iso and flashed it to a
> usb 2.0 pendrive with Rufus.

> I got it to boot, but I can't get startx to start, it dumps out about 20
> lines of stuff and then issues another command prompt.  It looks like the
> server didn't start.

You could try configuring Xorg to not use the Intel driver. It will fall back 
to Xorg 1.17.4's incorporated modesetting driver if the Intel is not 
available, or you can specify modesetting specifically if you know how to use 
xrandr on X startup or to configure your own xorg.conf. 
suggests why to try the modesetting driver.

> In order to capture the failure, I took a photo with my phone camera, and
> have included it as an attachment to this email.

> I would really appreciate someone letting me know how I might proceed
> beyond this point.  I have used System Rescue many times in the past, but
> never with this particular computer.  Are there bios options I need to set?

lspci from that command prompt might be helpful if the model number doesn't 
produce adequate hardware specifications.

Knoppix is the granddaddy of live Linux. Will its latest release start an X 
session? How about the latest Sid, Tumbleweed or Rawhide installation media?
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