help with Xorg (Adam Jackson)

Alan Corey alan01346 at
Wed Aug 2 21:21:46 UTC 2017

Wow, sounds like not much is installed, like this wasn't a normal
installation.  What happens if you type startx to start x?  It should
run xinit after a few steps.  You may not even have a window manager.
Sounds like when I tried getting X running on Raspbian Jessie Lite.

On 8/2/17, Perez Rodriguez, Humberto I
<humberto.i.perez.rodriguez at> wrote:
> Thanks, in fact i dont know to much about xorg  and your help here
> always is welcome :)
> after run it the both commands with the same user i am now able to see
> in a little white box the terminal with xterm, but now the big question
> is how can i display the windows, wallpapers and everything else like
> xorg does by default ?
> On 8/2/2017 7:41 AM, Thomas L├╝bking wrote:
>> On Tue, Aug 01, 2017 at 02:43:55PM -0500, Perez Rodriguez, Humberto I
>> wrote:
>>> after try the command below, i get the following error :
>>> xterm: Xt error: Cant open display: :0
>>> as a comment, i've tried as well with "export DISPLAY=:[0-6]" without
>>> success :(
>> No offense, but you didn't happen to switch back to the VT from where
>> you launched X11 and interrupted that process in order to enter the
>> xterm command, did you?
>> IOW: Is the X11 server still running on another VT when you tried this?
>> ps aux | grep Xorg
>> Otherwise: Did you run both commands as the same user?
>> The number behind the colon btw. does not refer to the VT.
>> Cheers,
>> Thomas

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