Re: Is this issue related with the bug 20048 , 17923 or 71338

Subrata Dasgupta subrata_usha at
Fri Aug 4 05:55:15 UTC 2017

Hi Ajax,
Why every time XErrorEvent.serial = 2422603788. Does not it mean application is facing problem only after a certain number of requests has been made?? For a huge X application this should not be a coincidence. Most importantly this behavior seems to be related with the bug 71338. When I checked my and it seems 4 functions proposed for the fix for 71338(xcb_send_request64, xcb_discard_reply64, xcb_wait_for_reply64, xcb_poll_for_reply64) are present within the but libX11 do not use the function xcb_send_request64 or xcb_discard_reply64 within it. Why this is so ?? Is both fixes properly merged ??

If application is doing something wrong before XIOError, then server should throw error before closing the connection, but there is no other protocol error or warning event before this XIOError. 

Can you please provide where from I get information about the error_code, request_code and minor_codes of XErrorEvent structure because I want to understand the meaning of the following codes. 

XErrorEvent.error_code = 84
XErrorEvent.request_code = 131 
XErrorEvent.minor_code = 4

Please help..


On Fri, 04 Aug 2017 00:38:58 +0530 Adam Jackson  wrote
>On Thu, 2017-08-03 at 18:26 +0000, Subrata Dasgupta wrote:

> Hi All,


> I have a 32 bit C++ X application running on Linux. Recently

> frequently I am getting strange XIOError event ,below is the stack

> trace. It seems while we get that error application is doing nothing.

> And when I have checked the values within XErrorEvent structure every

> time they are same. Below is data within XErrorEvent structure.


> XErrorEvent.type = 604801882 

> XErrorEvent.resourceid = 3255051332

> XErrorEvent.serial = 2422603788

> XErrorEvent.error_code = 84

> XErrorEvent.request_code = 131 

> XErrorEvent.minor_code = 4

This error can't be real, in the sense that it's almost certainly not

something the server actually sent. 'resourceid' in hex there is

0xC2042444, which isn't a legal value for the client application to

ever see (three most significant bits ought to be zero, and aren't).

But more importantly...

> #11 0xf73..... in _XIOError () from /lib/

> #12 0xf73..... in _XEventsQueued () from /lib/

> #13 0xf73..... in XEventsQueued () from /lib/

> #14 0xf74..... in _XtWaitForSomething () from /lib/

> #15 0xf74..... in XtAppProcessEvent () from /lib/

An I/O error indicates that the connection has _closed_, not that a

protocol error happened. What are you doing to provoke the server into

closing your connection?

- ajax


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