Dell P2715Q Monitor does not wake up after sleep (off, standby, or suspend)

Felix Miata mrmazda at
Mon Aug 7 22:07:56 UTC 2017

Gregory Gorsuch composed on 2017-08-07 11:11 (UTC-0400):

>     I am having an issue with my Dell P2715Q monitor not waking up from
>     standby, suspend, and off. This problem seems to only occur on
>     Linux. I have tried Windows 10 and the Dell monitor seems to wake up
>     o.k. so far. The monitor is connected through a display port.

>     I would appreciate help solving this problem. I have created a
>     script using the output from "*xscreensaver-command -watch*" to use
>     *xrandr* to turn the screen on, but this is a bit of a band-aide
>     since the screen becomes visible behind the screen saver while the
>     Dell monitor is being turned back on by the script.

When was this purchased? What is its date of manufacture? Did it ever work right
with any Linux distro or kernel? Any chance you can still return it to vendor?

I suspect this may well be a problem with no other solution. reviews
indicate I'm not the only one with DisplayPort sleep mode trouble with a Dell

My Dell U2913WM behaves as expected, unless connected via DisplayPort. When
connected to my Dell DisplayPort-equipped PCs via DisplayPort, it absolutely
must be powered up before turning on the PC. Otherwise, it stays in sleep mode

I managed to get Dell to replace it next day on my first phone call, but
eventually Dell refused further help because my Dell /PCs/ were "out of support".
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