Have keyboard events "bypass" grabbed pointer

Lukas Barth lists at tinloaf.de
Wed Feb 15 13:58:02 UTC 2017


On 14.02.2017 20:52, Thomas Lübking wrote:
> grab synchronously and conditionally xcb_allow_events (for acceptable keys)

That sounds like what I'm trying to do! However, after some playing 
around, I can't seem to make it work. The way I understand it, the 
workflow is this:

1) call xcb_grab_keyboard(…, …, …, …, XCB_GRAB_MODE_SYNC, 
XCB_GRAB_MODE_SYNC) [0] - the keyboard is now grabbed synchronously 
(instead of ansynchronously, as the locker did before)

2) when xcb_poll_for_event() gives me a new keyboard-event, call 
xcb_allow_events() after processing the event. If I want the event to 
propagate, call it with XCB_ALLOW_REPLAY_KEYBOARD, otherwise call it 

However, XCB_ALLOW_REPLAY_KEYBOARD seems to also permanently release the 
keyboard grab (is that right? The documentation is a bit sparse…). I 
tried calling xcb_grab_keyboard() directly after xcb_allow_events(…, 
XCB_ALLOW_REPLAY_KEYBOARD, …), but that does not seem to work either. In 
any case, once I called xcb_allow_events(…, XCB_ALLOW_REPLAY_KEYBOARD, 
…), *all* keyboard events from that point on end up in my window manager…

Thanks for the help so far!


[0] Why do I have to specify the grab mode for the keyboard *and* the 
pointer in xcb_grab_keyboard? Shouldn't only the mode for the keyboard 
matter here?

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