libX11 doesn't display Khmer Ligatures

Gopal Singh at
Tue Feb 28 17:20:27 UTC 2017


I am using  libX11-1.5.0-4.el6.i686 to write a client application for
This client has to display Khmer text.

I am able to display text with Khmer characters (using Mondulkiri fonts for
Khmer), but it display Khmer ligatures incorrectly.
Below is one such ligature which is not being displayed correctly:

ប + ​ា = បា

uni1794 + uni17b6= uni1794.a

I am using XmbDrawString() function to display khmer text. Please note my
Khmer text is entered using xim. It's being passed from some other source
in UTF-8  encoding.

Please help me on  how to display Khmer ligatures(or ligature in general)
using libX11.

Regards, Gopal
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