maybe xorg server?: gnome is not starting without a screen connected?

Eric Gunther egunther at
Sat Mar 11 13:06:52 UTC 2017

On Fri, 2017-03-10 at 20:52 +0100, Simon Eigeldinger wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am a blind person from austria.
> I am using the computer often without a screen.
> I figured out on many distros there are issues with the desktop
> without 
> a screen.
> Seems the desktop isn't coming up when no screen is connected?
> I read in the arch wiki that this is caused by the screen auto config
> function of the server.
> can that be worked around?
> I wanted to install a system on a machine but the live dvd seems not
> to 
> come up because of this.
> Is there something i can specify at boot? for example some parameters
> i 
> can enter at the boot menu?
> For people using no screen this is pretty frustrating.
> greetings and thanks for helping,
> Simon
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As a somewhat amature user of X, I spent some time last night looking
at info on this.  I think you want a 'headless' setup.  Although in
your case I am not sure this is appropriate.  Often people will login
to a machine like this over the internet via ssh.  So you need another
computer to login to the 'headless' one.

What I found is that you probably have to modify xorg.conf or 10
-monitor.conf in the /etc/X11/ and /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ directories
respectively.  This does not seem like a good soultion, particularly in
the case of a liveDVD.

I think the best solution would be to email a maintainer of the liveDVD
or support for the distribution that your trying to use, whether it be 
 forum, mailing list, or irc(chat).

Have a good day,


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