NVIDIA + Xorg VirtualDisplay, how to limit FPS?

Vans S vans_163 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 26 17:00:11 UTC 2017

I created a virtual display using Xorg with the NVIDIA driver (using the premium ecc chips/driver series of cards).

I notice I have vsync on glxgears to 60fps inside the virtual display.  I was wondering if its possible to have anything running on the display to be "vsynced" to 1 or 15 or 30 fps.  I am not running a compositor or a DE, just bare X Server to get the display.

Whether the app running on the display is full screen or not, can the FPS still be limited that the video card will only render to the virtual 
display as if it was running under 1/15/30 fps?
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