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Mon Aug 13 00:58:14 UTC 2018


                            Patch #334 - 2018/08/12

     * modify  Imakefile  to  reflect the fact that NetBSD no longer has a
       working termcap emulation.
     * add  resource-setting  validShells which can be used to augment the
       system's /etc/shell (prompted by discussion with Paul Lampert).
     * stifle some useless warnings from lintian in test-packages.
     * add  the  ncurses  extension  “RGB”  to  the  responses for the
       termcap-query feature.
     * improved getopts-handling in sample scripts.
     * fix some warnings from gcc8 and clang --analyze.
     * update  note  about  incorrect documentation for DECRQSS to include
       VT525 (report by Markus Schmidt).
     * correct  check  for  default-values  in rectangular parsing; a zero
       counts as a missing or default parameter (report/testcase by Markus
     * correct  some  ranges  in the ambiguous[] table in wcwidth (adapted
       from patch by KUGA Tsutomu).
     * fix  a special case with faint video attribute incorrectly combined
       with default color.
     * add  private control XTREPORTSGR for reporting video-attributes and
       color on a rectangle, and script to demonstrate it.
     * modify  some  of  the  markup  in to work around groff's
       reassignment  of  ASCII  punctuation  characters  as  documented in
     * treat ECMA-48 SGR 6 the same as SGR 5.
     * add  private  controls  XTPUSHSGR and XTPOPSGR for saving/restoring
       the  current video-attributes on a stack (adapted from patch by Dan
     * modify  DECRPM  response  for  logging enable to indicate its state
       even when enabling/disabling it is not allowed.
     * implement DECSNLS
     * implement DECRSPS
     * improve  fill-color  for  double-buffer  configuration,  which  was
       sharing a graphic context with the cursor.
     * fix  a couple of cases where double-sized VT100 characters were not
       clipped, seen in Joe Smith's VT100 torture test.
     * color  the  inner  border  using  the same borderColor as the outer
       border, rather than filling with the VT100's default background.
     * change encoding of “THANKS” to UTF-8.
     * modify  handling  of DECELR to recognize MotionNotify events again,
       amending   a   check   for  allowMouseOps  which  limited  that  to
       button-events in patch #328 (Olaf Rogalsky).
     * fix  some  screen-painting  problems  with  left/right margins when
       using   insert-line   or  delete-line  (report/testcase  by  Martin
       Hostettler). also fix similar case with index/reverse-index.
     * several  minor  performance improvements using macros, e.g., inline
       checks for character width.
     * add DECSCPP and DECSLPP to DECRQSS.
     * implement DECSCPP.
     * implement DECCIR and DECTABSR presentation reports.
     * modify  checksum  computation  for  DECRQCRA to treat uninitialized
       cells as blanks rather than nulls.
     * drop  custom-entity  from  HTML-dump,  use UTF-8 for   (Debian
     * modify  display  of  non-BMP  characters when using bitmap fonts to
       show  a  null/empty box rather than the replacement character which
       was  used  in  cleanup  changes for patch #233 (report by Christian
     * when  setting  up  clipping  rectangle  for Xft, allow for the case
       where  xterm  is  only  displaying a combining character, where the
       base was already written (report by Joshua Crowgey).
     * allow    reset   Xft's   state   if   switching   font-sizes   when
       double-buffering is used.
     * fix repainting, e.g., on resize, when double-buffering is used with
       Xft (patch by Daniel Colascione).
     * correct  some  interchanged  pairs of symbols in unicode/
       (Brad Town).
     * improve    configure    macros    CF_GCC_WARNINGS,   CF_GNU_SOURCE,
     * modify logFile resource to interpret “-” as the standard output
       (adapted patch by Colum Paget).
     * improve documentation of Tek4014 menu options; fix a case where the
       Tek4014 window was not displayed before switching modes.
     * re-correct  parameter for pid used for DECCKSR, DECRQCSR (see xterm
     * hard/soft  reset now resets the cursor-blinking state that may have
       been  set  via  escape  sequences;  the  cursor-blinking menu-entry
       feature is unmodified (report by Matthieu Herrb).
     * update config.guess, config.sub

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