No graphics acceleration under Xwayland

Nicholas Bishop nbishop at
Sun Mar 25 17:04:31 UTC 2018


I'm trying to figure out why my build of Xwayland only allows software
rendering (as reported by glxinfo). It looks similar to, but I have enabled
glamor and still only get software rendering.

One thing I wasn't sure about is whether there's a distinction between
graphics acceleration in Xwayland itself (for compositing purposes) vs
graphics acceleration in clients of Xwayland. In other words, how do I
know whether the problem is with my build of Xwayland and not another
component, such as Mesa? My only reason for thinking that Xwayland is
the problem is that non-X programs using EGL programs are accelerated.

It seems like there isn't much logging in Xwayland, so I'm a little
stuck on where to look next. Hopefully this is the right mailing list
for my question, please let me know if not :)


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