Layout switching issue (xkb)

Yan Pas yanp.bugz at
Sat Mar 31 15:40:36 UTC 2018

Dear community!

I have already sent this message to xorg-devel mailing list, but is seems
to be the wrong list, so sending it here.

I'm regular Linux user from Russia. Since I'm Russian I use two keyboard
layouts (Russian Cyrillic and ANSI US). As an ex-windows user I'm used to
switch them with Ctrl+shift kb combination (alt+shift is popular as well).
This shortcut is popular among users, but there is a problem with
with it. If you use this shortcut as a layout switcher other shortcuts with
ctrl and shift won't work.

There is a bug ( that
exists for 14 years! And the patch exists for about 10 years. This patch is
applied to Ubuntu distro since 2010. But unfortunately no one willing to
merge it. One of the arguments for rejecting this changes is standard

I would like to see it merged and as a compromise I suggest an option in
xorg.conf or ifdef. Can anyone help to get it merged and close this issue.
I will be glad to provide all necessary code changes since I'm C++

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