Corrupt window

Andrew Kurn kurn at
Mon Jun 17 22:01:50 UTC 2019

I'm using the version of X current for Debian Jessie.

I find that windows are sometimes corrupted.  The typical case
is in XTerm, when the bottom line is covered by a copy of the
second-last line.  It happens a little more than half the
time, so some sort of race condition.

It is not confined to XTerm; Emacs and Aisleriot show some
of the same behavior.

In all cases, moving the window will cure the problem.  The
redraw is correct.

So my conclusion is it's a fault in X.  I've never had to
report an X bug before.

If you will give me a list of info to provide, I will send
it in a later message.

Otherwise, thanks for your attention.


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