xorg Digest, Vol 167, Issue 9

Chris Sorenson csoren at isd.net
Thu Jun 20 15:18:01 UTC 2019

> Hey guys,
> I hope this message isn't an annoyance but I'm not sure the best place
> to turn right now.
> I am having an issue with my X windows not getting "erased" when the
> window is closed. I'm probably not explaining well which is why my
> google searches have been empty. Basically I am running MWM as my
> window manager and opening an Xterm then exiting the xterm, after this
> the xterm window is still displayed but does not respond. I checked
> xwininfo and I see no reference to the window that I closed so I feel
> like the window was destroyed.   Another interesting observation is
> that if I take another good window and drag it over the bad window,
> the good window will slide under the bad window. Its very strange.
> Lastly I have the NVIDIA driver installed (430.26) and this issue only
> happens when the COMPOSITE extension is disabled.
> Sorry again to bug everyone.
> Thanks.

So it’s either an Nvidia problem or an MWM problem.

I’m using MWM from version 2.1.32 (that I compiled myself), also with an 
Nvidia driver (GeForce though) and it’s working great. What version of 
Motif do you have? Releases from 2.2 and up have been pretty buggy. The 
Open Group still considers the 2.1 branch to be the official/stable 

 From http://www.ist-inc.com/motif/download :

"Please note that the OpenMotif (2.2 or 2.3) distribution that is 
supplied with many Linux distributions has been classified as 
'experimental' by the Open Group."

On the other hand if it's an Nvidia problem, you probably want to post 
this on devtalk.nvidia.com, 430.26 is a very recent release, could be a 
regression or a bug that's crept in, did you see this problem with 
earlier versions of the 430 series?

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