Remote Frame Buffer protocol and sharing desktop

Sérgio Basto sergio at
Sun Jun 23 18:08:11 UTC 2019

I wonder if nowadays we have a remote frame buffer, better than x11vnc
in x11-Xorg vanilla code / apps ?
I found some sharing desktop solutions on gnome and kde (krfb)
I.e. I want see and manage a display remotely even if not logged into
windows manager,  which x11vnc permits [1], an example of usage can be
a wall board.
And or just sharing keyboard and mouse, I do this, with x2vnc and
x11vnc, x2vnc is not maintain upstream. I still could build it and suse
it on Fedora [3], but is a concern when will stop to be usable.  

Best regards,
x11vnc -auth /var/run/kdm/A:0-lDqIhb -localhost -display :0 



Sérgio M. B.

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