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Mon Mar 4 20:06:44 UTC 2019

Dear Sir/Madame,

        I am able to download the software Virtual Box V5.2.6 from this website:

Virtual Box software contains file "xf86i2c.h", this file was displayed in multiple places in the software.

I check this file on the web and found it was listed in several website:  ...

They are listed under Xserver or X11 folder.

This file is copyright by:  "Copyright (C) 1998 Itai Nahshon, Michael Schimek"

The copyright holders: Itai Nahshon and Michael Schimek were listed as X11 software developers.  Their name was mentioned in this RELNOTES.pdf:


I would like to know, is file "xf86i3c.h" a part of X11 software?

What is the license for this file?  X11 software is released under MIT Style License, is it the license for us to use this file? Can we have permission to use this file?

Thank you very much for your prompt reply to my questions above.

Best Regards,
Theresa X. Nguyen

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