Problem with mapping a key to multiple characters (Unicode + diacritic symbol)

Pierre-Luc Angles angles at
Wed Mar 13 14:04:17 UTC 2019

Dear Ilya, dear all,

Thanks again for this important remark.

My ~/.XCompose file is then the following:

<i_breve_below> : "i̯"
<u_breve_below> : "u̯"
<i_wtdot_ring_above> : "ı͗"
<I_ring_above> : "I͗"
<c_caron_dot_below> : "č̣"
<C_caron_dot_below> : "Č̣"
<s_macron_below> : "s̱"
<S_macron_below> : "S̱"
<H_macron_below> : "H̱"
<h_circumf_below> : "h̭"
<H_circumf_below> : "H̭"

My /usr/share/X11/XKeysymDB is the following:

i_breve_below		:100050F5
u_breve_below		:100050F6
i_wtdot_ring_above	:100050F7
I_ring_above		:100050F8
c_caron_dot_below	:100050F9
C_caron_dot_below	:100050FA
s_macron_below		:100050FB
S_macron_below		:100050FC
H_macron_below		:100050FD
h_circumf_below		:100050FE
H_circumf_below		:100050FF

and in my keyboard layout I have tried in a first time with:

key <AE01>	{ [        ampersand,                1,        	 
i_breve_below, 			      U032F ] };

and afterwards i a second time with

key <AE01>	{ [        ampersand,                1,        	   U100050F5, 
			      U032F ] };

The keyboard is working but the i_breve_below or U100050F5 is not 
working (I still have this xev when I type on the ampersand key + the 
AltGr modifier:

KeyRelease event, serial 37, synthetic NO, window 0x4e00001,
     root 0x168, subw 0x0, time 2120434, (-409,14), root:(142,282),
     state 0x4090, keycode 10 (keysym 0xb9, onesuperior), same_screen YES,
     XKeysymToKeycode returns keycode: 49
     XLookupString gives 2 bytes: (c2 b9) "¹"
     XFilterEvent returns: False

I do not see where the problem is now...

It could be helpful if some one has a key.

Thanks again and sorry for bothering you with that.



Le 13/03/2019 à 11:56, Ilya Anfimov a écrit :
>   (Well,  I'm suspecting that I shouldn't disorient your work with
> that comment about numerology and last numbers).
>   I'd better take something like 0x10005001 - 0x100050FF
>   Also, 8-bit was about character names -- your  fancy
> i without dot  and  c with caron, better spell keysyms
> with it like i_without_dot_ring_above and c_with_caron_dot_below,
> and not include  unicode symbols with values over 0x7F
> in keysym names.

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