Changing key repeat behaviour for individual xinput devices

Timo Paulssen timo+xorg at
Wed Mar 13 16:19:21 UTC 2019

Hello xorgers,

I recently got a small bluetooth keyboard. I'd like to try to use it as
a secondary keyboard for things like shortcuts, but my first experiment
was to turn it into a midi keyboard with a combination of PortMIDI and
xinput float + xinput test. Unfortunately, it has a pretty aggressive
key repetition rate set up.

The right way to fix this would normally be xset, but IIUC that'd change
the behavior of all connected keyboards. xinput has a flag
--get-feedbacks that gets me an XkbdFeedbackClass with
"global_auto_repeat" and percent/pitch/duration properties. I'd assume
that's the right thing to change, but it looks like the only classes
xinput's commandline utility lets me change are ptr-feedback and
integer-feedback, which seems to be about acceleration and scaling or
something like that?

Will I have to write a little snippet of C to change these particular
values or is there something much simpler I'm missing?

Thanks in advance
  - Timo Paulssen

Apologies if this message reaches the list twice, I sent the first
attempt from the wrong address. Hopefully the moderator sees the
successful delivery before letting it through.

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