Problem with mapping a key to multiple characters (Unicode + diacritic symbol)

Pierre-Luc Angles angles at
Thu Mar 14 21:44:29 UTC 2019

Dear ĸen, dear all,

Thanks for your answer and your interest!

I have mapped it for Frecnh-azerty but would like to make German qwertz 
and English qwerty versions for other Egyptologists by putting it for 
example on my Gitlab account.

The Yogh is used by some online databases instead of the more accurate 
aleph used now. Since these databases are very usefull, it makes sense 
to keep them on the keyboard layout for searching in them.

My aim was to make like an up-to-date keyboard layout as the one we can 
for example there:

Like this keyboard, it is quite useful to have the modern language key 
on the two first levels (without modifier, and with shift) and all the 
modified keys on the third and fourth levels (with ALtGr, and AltGr+Shift).



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