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Thomas Dickey dickey at
Tue May 14 08:15:09 UTC 2019


                            Patch #345 - 2019/05/14

     * updated FreeBSD test-package from recent /usr/ports scripts.
     * workaround  in for HPUX, whose mktemp prints the name of
       a temporary directory without creating it.
     * add  left/right  margin capabilities to terminfo, since the default
       terminal emulation is VT420 (suggested by Thomas Wolff).
     * modify  treatment  of  reverseVideo for dynamic colors to make text
       foreground/background consistent with the cursor color (prompted by
       discussion with Ben Wong, lsix #20).
     * modify  button-handling  to  make  SGR button-release distinct from
       button-press  for  button-codes  starting  with 8 (patch by Mikulas
     * add  aliases  for the sgr push/pop controls to work around language
       limitations of C# (request by Dan Thompson).
     * correct  a  typo  in  setDirectFG,  which  could  cause  setting of
       indexed-color after a direct-color to be ignored.
     * add  resource  useBorderClipping  as  an alternative to useClipping
       (request by Robert Ross).
     * improve   logic   for   displaying  xterm's  built-in  line-drawing
       characters  vs missing glyphs, e.g., for U+2409 to U+240D (patch by
       Robert Ross).
     * add vttests/ to illustrate how selective pushes work,
       as  well  as  to  demonstrate  push/pop  of the various color types
       supported by xterm.
     * fix a special case in XTPOPSGR where direct-colors were not checked
       as a dependency of indexed-colors, contrary to documentation.
     * reduce buffer-flushes for OSC 4 and OSC 5 color-queries, as well as
       in the queries for dynamic colors.
       Note:  this change makes the reply for OSC 5 use the “5” in the
       response; formerly it was mapped to ”4” after adding the maximum
       number of colors.
     * modify  vttests/  to  demonstrate multiple queries in
       one request.
     * update   tables   of  combining  and  unknown-width  characters  in
       wcwidth.c based on Unicode 12.0.0.
     * modify response for OSC 5 to be consistent with documentation.
     * add vttests/
     * modify  vttests/  to  accept  bold,  underline, etc.,
       keywords to decide whether to use OSC 5 rather than OSC 4.
     * modify cursor coloring to avoid a case where the cursor matched the
       foreground  color  while  the  text  was displayed in reverse-video
       (report by Nuno Silva).
     * fix  an  inconsistency  in  X10  mouse  responses  from  patch #342
       changes; the legacy protocol supports only buttons 1-3.
     * reduce the number of buffer-flushes for tcap-query batches.
     * modify to demonstrate batch queries with -q option.
     * increase   response-buffer   size,  and  make  it  configurable  as
       limitResponse (prompted by discussion with Stephen P Wall).
     * modified configure script:
          + check/workaround  for  non-POSIX  manipulation  of  predefined
          + check for updated X Toolkit, which uses const.
     * update config.guess, config.sub
     * provide  for  secondary-selection, overlooked in patch #338 (report
       by Emile LeBlanc).
     * documentation errata (patch by Larry Hynes).
     * improve pointer-checks in Tekproc.c
     * revise  solution  for  Debian  #919475,  to allow for struct-notify
       events  occurring  as a side-effect of toggling to/from full-screen
     * window's   border-size  was  incorrectly  added  to  position  when
       maximizing window (report by Gary Langshaw).

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