ANN: xterm-346

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Mon May 27 23:12:17 UTC 2019


                            Patch #346 - 2019/05/27

     * update  description of the “default” setting for the renderFont
       resource to match the behavior in patch #261 (Debian #862042).
     * account  for  internalBorder in useBorderClipping (report by Robert
     * update  table  of  unknown-width  characters  in wcwidth.c based on
       Unicode 12.1.0 (prompted by discussion with Robert Ross).
     * improve description of DECSCL versus S7C1T and S8C1T in
     * improve  consistency  between  CSI3t  and  CSI13t,  accounting  for
       differences  between some window managers' handling of EMWH extents
       (report by Bram Moolenaar).
     * fix  a  sign-extension  when  reporting  offscreen  window position
       (report by Bram Moolenaar).

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