Key repeat does not work in XKB with EIGHT_LEVEL

Petri Lehtinen petri at
Thu Oct 24 07:37:08 UTC 2019


I use a custom xkb_symbols file that employs the EIGHT_LEVEL type to
add various helpers behind ISO_Level3_Shift and ISO_Level5_Shift.

Everything works fine, expect when I set this layout as the default in
xorg.conf, key repeat stops working. The keys mapped in my xkb_symbols
file simply don't repeat, whereas keys my config doesn't change (that
are defined in xkb/symbols/pc) repeat normally. If I don't set any
Xkb* options in xorg.conf and use setxkbmap to switch to this layout,
then key repeat works normally.

I can manually enable key repeat after starting X by running `xset r
KEY` for each KEY between 8 and 255. I also have to run it if I plug
in an external USB keyboard, or otherwise key repeat doesn't work in
the plugged in keyboard.

Any ideas why this happens, and how I could debug this problem and
seek for a fix?


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