[fdo] xorg-xf86-input-keyboard license

Alan DuBoff aland at SoftOrchestra.com
Sun Oct 27 17:23:30 UTC 2019

On Sun, 27 Oct 2019, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> You explained the GPL, which I well understand, but not why someone
> working on client software cares about the license of something on
> the server side.  GPL does not require clients to follow the licensing
> conditions of servers they connect to.

Why should anyone care about software protection at all then?

The reason is because as I stated, the GPL requires you follow specific 
guidelines in the use and publishing of the sources. This may or may not 
be a reason for Xorg to use it or not, that is not up to me to decide.

I merely suggest Xorg consider their license useage closely.

As for debating ms/linux, it was only used as an example, no reason to 
dwell on it.



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