Captchas on use non-free Javascript code

Andrea Monaco monacoandrea94 at
Sat Aug 1 17:02:54 UTC 2020

Hello everyone,

I am writing this here since I couldn't find an email address to reach
a mantainer for your website.

I tried to join your mailing lists on, but I couldn't because
apparently my LibreJS plugin (version 7.20.2) on Firefox blocked the
captcha that you need to fill in order to subscribe to each list, so
nothing appeared in the captcha space and the subscription failed.
That probably means that such captcha is non-free Javascript code.

I think that a foundation which is committed to writing and spreading
free software shouldn't use proprietary software on its website, so I
hope you will address the problem and remove said code. Sadly, I had
to briefly disable my plugin to join your lists.

Best regards,
Andrea Monaco

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