Cant set my xkb's xkeymap with xkbcomp

aprekates aprekates at
Fri Dec 18 23:04:50 UTC 2020

Sorry my first 'reading on Peter's answer wasnt correct.

I wrote :

<<But as you said setxkbmap -print will show just a mapping from MLVO 
options to a Ktcsg include commands.>> But this isnt what Peter said. It 
was a false interpretation of mine.

setxkbmap -print  CAN display the current xkeymap (in Ktcsg format ) but only if the change happened from setxkbmap itself.
So Peter says it correct but i think there are more to say, since for example the way those two utilities change xkeymaps differs.

On 17/12/20 5:50 π.μ., Peter Hutterer wrote:
>> But testing with  $ setxkbmap  -print
>> i see that my current xkeymap hasnt change . But i can change it with
>> setxkbmap.
> setxkbmap -print doesn't use the keymap directly as you'd expect. it uses
> the RMLVO properties, changing a keymap directly with xkbcomp isn't
> reflected in the setxkbmap output. so simply said: this is a false negative.
>> Why xkbcomp doest seem to work?
> check with xkbcomp -xkb $DISPLAY xkbmap.out and compare that file with the
> keymap before and after. where xkbcomp uploads the correct data and the
> server accepts everything, the file will reflect the changes you made.

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